Mikado Quartz Partners with Taiwan Railways Administration's "The Future Kitchen". The luxury sightseeing train sets sail!

Composing a moving symphony of art and functionality, the secret of the perfect match between Mikado Quartz and Taiwan Railways Administration's aesthetic tourist train, "The Future Kitchen"


The Taiwan Railways Aesthetic Sightseeing Train "The Future Train" set sail in 2020. After a 2-year hiatus, the upgraded version “The Future Kitchen 2.0'' officially launched its operations in the spring. Designed by the Taiwanese design team J.C. Architecture Design Studio, “The Future Train” boasts international tourist train standards in its exterior and interior design and displays. The two sections of the "The Future Train' dining car service feature a collaboration with Silk Hotel Group, offering locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients for gourmet meals. 

The Future Train is like a "moving five-star restaurant". And particular, the beautiful table surface material used in "The Future Kitchen" is from the brand Mikado Quartz based in Taiwan.

Detail-oriented design with quality texture.

Stepping into The Future Kitchen, the low-key luxury style has already made an impression. The most impressive thing is the selection of materials that can express the beauty of nature and the exquisite design mix that blends taste, familiarly walking between natural materials such as wood, bamboo weaving, stone, metal, leather, etc., from the mountains and seas of Taiwan. The materials are incorporated into The Future Kitchen with mature design vocabulary. Designed by J.C.Architecture Studio, The Future Kitchen is Taiwan's first "Five Star Mobile Restaurant," which utilizes Mikado Quartz Stone, produced in Taiwan, which plays a vital role!

In the dining car, with a total of 28 seats (2-person and 4-person seats) and a 26-person long bar table, the designer chose MQ-L717 Calacatta Fantasy by Mikado Quartz. The tabletop is a white marble board with golden veins in the overall space with a dark theme, highlighting the quality of dining and serving just the right decorative texture while maintaining elegant and noble design details.

Designer Aaron, already familiar with this light-colored and delicate textured Calacatta Fantasy, said: "The gold-threaded Calacatta Fantasy pattern complements the black-gold-bordered woven carpet, running through the train's discreetly luxurious style. And on this train, the exclusive cuisine is the journey's highlight, and the opportunity for passengers to take pictures is not to be missed. In the era of "cameras first, food second," the white tabletop and the combination of ingredients can enhance the deliciousness of the food. Under the 3000K yellow light of the ceiling, the dishes look even more delicious, and the scene is beautiful and harmonious." In addition to the dining table, the kitchen bar chose the black quartz stone with cloud patterns, Mikado Quartz Stone limited edition, which brings a rich layer to the overall car design and enhances the overall texture.

Combining practicality and design ingenuity.

The "Mikado Quartz" brand is known for its durability and stability, making it the perfect choice for the tables in the moving train. The high-density material can withstand the constant vibrations of the train, and its easy-to-clean properties make it a practical option. The designer, Aaron, also considered the table's stability during meals and added a slight increase to the edge of the table to prevent any slippage of food. The tables were made with a 2cm thick Mikado Quartz material, and the edge was finished with a 45-degree angle to give a sleek and modern look. In addition, the designer used black leather to cover the legs of the table, creating a floating visual effect against the dark-colored walls and flooring. The beauty of the delicate Mikado Quartz is highlighted once again.

The interior space of "The Future Kitchen" took one and a half years to complete, from design conception to finishing. Using materials from Taiwan, combined with Taiwanese design elements, it creates a unique and high-quality railway travel experience in Taiwan, just like a train engine symbolizing the transformation of railway aesthetics that has already set off, creating an elegant and extraordinary journey for travelers!