Fashionable Bookstore- A Reality with Mikado Quartz's Support!

Bleu & Book x Mikado Quartz: Collaborating to Cultivate a Brand Spirit of Cultural and Artistic Continuity


The avant-garde Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), nestled between geometric facades and located next to JianTan MRT station, has been named a global arts and culture highlight by CNN and designed by the world-renowned Dutch architecture firm OMA, which has been a topic of conversation throughout its 10-year construction process. The TPAC was finally completed in 2022, showcasing its spectacular design. In addition to the performance halls, an eye-catching bookstore on the second floor features the new bookstore project "TPAC Bleu & Book." The space is brightened by OMA's signature wave glass curtain, giving the TPAC Bluebird a light and open feel. And if you ever visit this place, you'll not miss a black quartz countertop with a unique archway shape made from Mikado Quartz Stone and the company's exquisite craftsmanship.

Becoming a partner in creating value

The specially designed counter at TPAC Bluebird, led by designer Wu Tou, was specifically designed for this venue by YDS Design utilizing Mikado Quartz Slabs. The counter blends the spirit of TPAC Bleu & Book and Verse magazine. Also, it uses the characteristics of Mikado Quartz's texture, stability, and high hardness to pay homage to the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, who Wu Tou dramatically admires. Due to its large size, thickness, and sufficient requirement of craftsmanship, this counter is costly. However, the founder of Mikado Quartz, Michael, thinks that the participation in the design of the TPAC Bleu & Book space is a process of "co-creating value" between Mikado Quartz, Bleu & Book bookstore, Verse magazine, and YDS Design. Michael believes that instead of establishing a typical commercial cooperation model, it is better to establish a long-term and ripple-effect partnership based on trust and value affirmation with the other three brands. 

Michael states, "After talking with Verse's chief editor Chang,Tie-Jhih, Bleu & Book's founder Tsai,JuiI-Shan, and designer Wu Tou, I can see that our four brands have a long-term vision, which is why we want to participate in creating TPAC Bleu & Book. We all pay attention to more details than others, many of which are invisible, but we still think they are important and willing to do things without immediate returns. I think this is a brand's persistence." In terms of the expected points in the market, Michael also analyzes: "Although it may not bring direct returns in commercial terms, I believe we all have a consensus that we hope to continuously stack the threshold of entry into the magazine, bookstore, design space, and stone material industries, making the industry's ecology healthier and creating a sense of belonging for those niche customers."

The right material should be used for the right place.

The decision to participate in the TPAC Bleu & Book project's design reflects Mikado Quartz's pursuit of long-term value. According to the brand's founder, Michael, the bookstore is a perfect example of an industry that may not be profitable in the short term but has a lasting impact on society. Similarly, Mikado Quartz hopes to support and participate in other long-term industries such as museums, hospitals, and educational centers. Instead of relying on financial incentives, Mikado Quartz aims to use its expertise and materials in the right way and places, creating unique value through different perspectives and industries. This has been the brand's goal since its inception.